City of Oldsmar wins City Spirit Award from Florida League of Cities

The City of Oldsmar received the City Spirit Award from Florida League of Cities for its yearlong centennial celebration in 2016. (Credit: City of Oldsmar)

The City of Oldsmar was awarded the City Spirit Award from the Florida League of Cities during the organization’s ninth annual Florida Municipal Achievement Awards last week.

Oldsmar was chosen from 400+ municipalities in the state for the award, which “recognizes a single, specific citywide effort to successfully address a local need,” for its yearlong centennial celebration in 2016.

Here’s what the FLC said in a press release about Oldsmar winning the award:

“the City of Oldsmar’s winning entry, Oldsmar’s People Centennial, showcased how the city and its citizens worked together last year to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Oldsmar by Ransom Eli Olds—the inventor of the Oldsmobile and REO automobiles. Scores of citizens, businesses, and civic organizations partnered with the city to organize numerous events tailored toward its diverse community. The collaboration culminated in an event for citizens of all ages that displayed Oldsmar’s true City Spirit.”

Dan Saracki at the Legends of Rock show on October 1, 2016.

Oldsmar officials were thrilled with the honor.

“This is quite an honor and an amazing achievement,” Vice-Mayor Dan Saracki, the city’s representative for the FLC, told Oldsmar Connect by text.

“For Oldsmar to be recognized on a state level for the “City Spirit Award, this shows how committed our community is to bringing people together. I always knew our City had spirit, and the entire state of Florida will know, too.”

Saracki, who formed the People’s Centennial Task Force committee two years prior to the start of a yearlong schedule of events that kicked off in January 2016 and concluded with a legends of rock concert on October 1, said they would never have won without the help of the many volunteers that made it happen.

“The volunteers of the People’s Centennial Task force should be very proud of their leadership and accomplishments that made this award possible,” he said. “Their hard work and dedication is something I have never witnessed before.”

Oldsmar Mayor Doug Bevis.

Mayor Doug Bevis also weighed in on his city winning the award.

“Getting the call was amazing,” the mayor said, also via text. “This wasn’t small, medium and big cities against their respective categories. It was all cities in Florida and we won against all 400+ cities in Florida!”

“Thanks to all the staff and volunteers, including Debb Pauley and Dan Saracki, for their hard work in making this award a reality for our city!”

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Note: A previous version of this article said the city received its award last week. Officials will actually receive the award during a ceremony next month.

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