Oldsmar realtor could be next reality TV star

Oldsmar real estate agent Quyen Trujillo makes her small screen debut on HGTV’s “House Hunters” next week, and thanks to her strong work ethic and camera-ready persona, it could mark the beginning of a new career for the former stay-at-home mom.

Quyen Trujillo, a real estate agent from oldsmar, is set to appear on HGTV's House Hunter on Thursday, August 25 at 10PM.

Quyen Trujillo, a real estate agent from Oldsmar, is set to appear on an episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters” on Thursday, August 25 at 10PM. (Credit: Quyen Sells Homes Facebook)

Despite her diminutive stature, it doesn’t take long for Quyen Trujillo to make a lasting impression on people.

Trujillo, an Oldsmar resident and local Realtor, checks in at a shade under five feet tall, but she possesses an outsized personality and a strong work ethic, traits that have helped her form strong bonds with many of her clients.

That camera-ready persona and professional approach to her career have catapulted the 4’ 10 ½” Trujillo to the brink of reality TV stardom; Quyen (pronounced “Quinn”) will make her national television debut on the August 25 episode of “House Hunters,” the first of what could be many appearances on the popular HGTV reality show.

Oldsmar Connect recently reached out to Trujillo to learn more about her upcoming small screen debut, and the “Quyentessential” realtor spoke about what it’s like to go from corralling four kids to having her own production crew.

The following is a condensed and edited version of the conversation:

Talk about your journey from local realtor to budding HGTV star

Four years ago I was a stay-at-home mom to my four boys, and I started thinking I needed to do something for myself. I applied for my real estate license and began selling homes as a hobby, and the hobby turned into a full-fledged career. In fact, my numbers are better than some who have been in the business for ten years, and that’s because I learned you have to be best friends with your buyers in order to be successful.

Quyen Trujillo (R) poses with a friend at the Oldsmar Centennial Dinner Dance in March 2016.

Quyen Trujillo (R) poses with a friend at the Oldsmar Centennial Dinner Dance in March.

I often suggest my buyers apply to be on House Hunters, because everyone in the industry loves the show, and last year a Clearwater couple told me they applied to be on the show and they got picked. I was shocked! At first I thought they were joking. But I knew they loved the show and wanted to be on it, so I agreed. Then they said, by the way, we need you to audition! I was like, oh, heck no!

People don’t realize I have a fear of public speaking. I’ve taken speaking engagements, and I teach classes for first-time homeowners, and every time before I’m a nervous wreck! They wanted an audition tape to see how well you represent yourself and the area. It’s supposed to be about five minutes, but mine was like 34 seconds! The production company sent it on to HGTV, and I guess they liked it, because here I am!

Describe the experience of filming a that first episode

We filmed last September, so basically it’s a year turnaround. For the buyers it was a full five days and it was such a wonderful experience for them. It tells their whole story, a family of five looking to upgrade to a larger home. So it’s mostly about them, but I’m part of it. My part took three days, and each day we filmed a different house, plus “B” roll.

I signed a confidentiality clause so I can’t reveal too much about the show, but we looked at three properties: one in Oldsmar, one in Clearwater Beach and one in Tarpon Springs. I took them to some local parks, and to downtown Oldsmar, but I’m not sure what made it into the episode because I haven’t seen the finished cut. But I did start with Oldsmar. I love my Oldsmar!

You must have loved the experience, too, because you went back for more

Quen Trujillo on the set of "House Hunters." Credit: Quyen Sells Homes Facebook.

Oldsmar realtor Quyen Trujillo on the set of HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Credit: Quyen Sells Homes Facebook.

Yes! I’ve already done a whole episode and I’m doing three or four more between now and the end of the year. We’re all over the Tampa Bay area. It’s exciting because now I’m the driving force. The crew lets me make decisions for the buyers. They have to have a personal connection, and I’m so methodical when it comes to work, I’m always thinking how can I best serve the clients. That’s what’s most important to me.

Besides, how else could I see my production crew?! The editor makes me look so good, and the sound guy hates my necklaces and heels because they make so much noise! He’s always trying to find ways to quiet me down! But I love them all and enjoy working with them so much.

What were the reactions from friends and family when they found out about the show?

I knew it was coming out for a while, but I didn’t tell anyone. Then people found out, and they kept asking me when it was going to air. So I said, what the heck, they’re going to see it anyway! So I told them. They’re all so excited. My family is keeping me humble, but their friends love it. I’ve got third graders saying to me, you’re gonna be on HGTV? That’s so cool!

Does this mean the next HGTV star could hail from Oldsmar?

I hope so. It does take a lot of time away from my work and home life, and some realtors absolutely hate to do that. But I’m having fun. I am definitely enjoying the ride, and I love the added value it brings to my buyers.

I have no expectations when it comes to TV. But I’ve always been a fan of the House Hunters International lady, and sometimes I wonder if I could be the local version of her! If it happens, that’s great. I’m just enjoying the ride, and I’ll have to see where it takes me.

Quyen Trujillo’s episode of House Hunters is set to air Thursday, August 25 at 10 pm on HGTV.

Visit the show’s website for additional information.

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