Oldsmar puts out call to artists for sidewalk mural at Sheffield Park

This part of Oldsmar’s Sheffield Park will soon be the site of a public art project, as the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance put out a call to artists to design a colorful sidewalk mural at the rapidly growing park.

The North Pinellas Cultural Alliance is looking to complete its second public art project as a call to artists has gone out for a sidewalk mural to be painted in Oldsmar’s Sheffield Park.

The organization, which was founded in 2015 and received $20,000 in startup funding from six north county municipalities, recently saw its first project, a crosswalk mural, completed at the Safety Harbor Marina in May.

As former Oldsmar City Council member and NPCA board member Linda Norris recently pointed out, the next project should make for a beautiful addition to Oldsmar’s underutilized but rapidly growing park, which recently added a world-class disc golf course.

Former Oldsmar City Council member Linda Norris.

“We are finally getting our sidewalk project ready to roll, and I believe it was Council member (Dan) Saracki that suggested Sheffield Park, and we found a perfect place,” Norris said during the City Council meeting on September 5, noting the piece will be painted at the northern entrance to the park, which is located at 1923 Cutty Bay Court.

“Our idea is that when people park in the parking lot and go through the entrance, this is going to kind of welcome them into the park on both sides of the path,” she explained.

Norris went on to say they’ve put the call to artists out, and those interested in applying for the job should visit npcainc.org to submit their ideas. She also said they have a specific theme and color scheme in mind.

Sheffield Park is located at 1923 Cutty Bay Ct. in Oldsmar.

“We’ve requested that they do native wildflowers and native wildlife and to make it bright and bold colors, because when you walk into the park it’s all green, expect for the playground over to the right,” she said.

“And that’s all in primary colors. So we figured it would be a nice welcoming into the park.”

“We’re just thinking it’s really going to brighten things up.”

Norris said submissions must be received by September 30 to qualify for consideration. A selection committee comprised of several city board members and officials will choose what they feel is the best option and then present it to the Council for final approval sometime in October.

“It’s North Pinellas Cultural Alliance funds that’s gonna pay for it, so that’s pretty much one of the reasons why we decided to do the selection committee,” Norris explained.

“We’ve put out the theme, we know what we want, you guys told us where you want and we love where you guys want it,” she said, to which Mayor Doug Bevis replied, “Perfect.”

Tampa artist Lakeema Matthew’s mural at R.E. Olds Park was Oldsmar’s first ever public art project.

Vice-Mayor Saracki agreed with the mayor’s assessment.

“The location that you picked is perfect, because most of the traffic goes in the back area (of the park),” he said.

“The skateboards and the bikes go on the back end of this, so the location’s perfect.”

“I can assure you it will be beautiful,” Norris replied.

When completed, the sidewalk mural will be Oldsmar’s second public art installation, following Tampa artist Lakeema Matthew’s colorful, meaningful murals at R.E. Olds Park that were unveiled on Veteran’s Day last year.

For more information on the Sheffield Park painted sidewalk project, visit the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance website.

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