New mixed-use development coming to Tampa Road

A new mixed-use development, featuring a medical-office building and a 6,100-sq.-ft. retail complex, was recently approved for 3925 Tampa Road in Oldsmar.

The Oldsmar City Council unanimously approved a major site plan amendment last week for a property at 3925 Tampa Road.

The subject property is located at the intersection Tampa and Gim Gong roads and was formerly home to GSA 1000, a marketing and processing company that closed soon after running afoul of state officials in 2014.

According to the new site plan, the applicant would remodel the existing 8,600-sq.-ft., two-story office building and convert it to medical-office use, and build a 6,100-sq.-ft. single-story retail complex featuring a luxury spa, a nail salon, cosmetic enhancements and other health and wellness related services.

The complex would also include a 1,200-sq.-ft. apartment to be used for on-site security personnel.

A look at the amended site plan for a mixed-use development at 3925 Tampa Road. The project calls for a 8,600-sq.-ft., two-story medical office building, with a 6,130-sq.ft. retail complex and 1,200-sq.ft. apartment, on the site of the former GSA 1000 building.

While city staff recommended approval of the plan, Planning and Redevelopment Director Marie Dauphinais said they have asked the applicant, Usman Ezad, to redesign some of the architectural elements of the project to be more in line with Tampa Road Corridor guidelines, a suggestion supported by Council member Jerry Beverland.

“I have a problem with this design,” Beverland said.

“Are you going to take care of it?”

Ezad’s architect and engineer, Sayed Ali, assured the council they would.

“We’re going to remodel the existing two-story building and in the process of remodeling, we’re going to enhance it to meet the architectural standards on Tampa Road,” he said, noting the new retail building and apartment would follow the same architectural and design standards.

Oldsmar officials expressed concerns over the architectural and design elements of the proposed mixed-use project, but the developer assured the city they would adhere to the Tampa Road Corridor guidelines.

Ezad, an Oldsmar resident and mechanical engineer, confirmed he would heed the city’s request, and he promised to bring “the most modern project in the history of the medical industry” to Oldsmar.

“Right now, we’re operating the biggest psychiatric group in the whole Tampa Bay area, and I have designed the most modern telemedicine system in the world,” Ezad told the commission.

A screenshot of Oldsmar property owner Usman Ezad.

He explained telemedicine as “a call center for doctors” where physicians and medical staff in one location can diagnose illness and injury in another by using various telecommunication methods.

“This is a new concept. The future of medicine,” Ezad said.

According to Ezad, the project would create 70 new jobs in Oldsmar the next six months, and the five council members all agreed it would benefit the city.

They were more concerned, however, with the developer meeting the TRC standards and making sure the apartment would be used only for employees.

“I want it in writing that they’ll never rent it out to somebody,” Beverland said, and City Attorney Tom Trask said it could be added as a condition of the agreement.

When asked for a timeline for the project, Ezad said “our main goal is to remodel the existing building internally and then move in and start operating by June 30,” he said. “After we move in, we’ll start (construction) on the new buildings.”

Mayor Doug Bevis.

“This will become our corporate headquarters,” he added, noting he planned to open 100 similar telemedicine centers across the state within the next two years.

“I think it’s great,” Mayor Doug Bevis said after the plan was approved by a vote of 5-0.

“I’m excited about it.”

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